Microbiological & Life Sciences

The production of safe and healthy food is critical to the success of food manufacturers and the brands they market. Throughout the food chain, manufacturers require reliable and accurate monitoring and testing processes. These monitoring and testing processes not only ensure quality for the consumer, but they are also essential in safeguarding the reputation of the brands under which manufacturers market their products. The increased focus by regulatory bodies on processes and regulations, including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP, reflects the overall importance of Good Manufacturing Practice and drives food safety related programs across the entire sector. Through our partnership with 3M, we offer an extensive range of testing and hygiene monitoring products that help food and beverage manufacturers achieve the highest levels of product quality, safety and environmental hygiene.

Precision, efficiency, consistency and cost management are critical to the operational success of research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories engaged in research and discovery, and manufacturing facilities. Through our partnership with Beckman Coulter, we provide an extensive range of instruments and systems that are configurable to meet varied organizational needs and provide efficient process automation.  These instruments and systems are used in the field of life science research and development, and by numerous manufacturing industries, including food manufacturers and processors.

In addition to its product portfolio, through its pan-European licensing agreement with Accu-Break Pharmaceuticals, Leriva offers licensing opportunities based on a suite of innovative tablet technologies which fulfill the need for accurate and customized dosing. The employment of these technologies enables pharmaceutical companies to differentiate products, extend life cycles, offer value-added product enhancements, implement solutions for incompatible APIs, and achieve dose adjustment for accurate and customized dosing needs.