Ownership & Accountability

We fully recognize our role and responsibilities – both individually and as an organization. We take ownership and accept responsibility and always acknowledge the consequences of our actions. We are accountable for our decisions, actions and results.

We assume ownership of the business objectives that have been agreed and are accountable for delivering outstanding results to our principals. We manage resources wisely and are accountable to our team leaders, principals and shareholders.

We place the interests of the company and those of our principals ahead of any personal interests. We protect the intellectual property and the assets of the company and of our principals against abuse and misuse

We act as custodians of the brands we market and distribute. As custodians, we fulfill a fiduciary duty to our principals. We thus always do whatever is necessary to protect and enhance the equity of the brands we manage and distribute.

We manage the brands in our portfolio for the long-term – regardless of the duration or term of our agreements with our principals. In situations where significant initial investments are required, we expect our principals to recognize that we need an adequate horizon to recoup this investment and thus be willing to structure contractual arrangements accordingly.

We have an entrepreneurial approach and thus, in the context of accountability, we encourage risk taking. Objectives and goals, and the associated strategies are always clearly articulated and aligned with those of our principals and the company as a whole.