Integrity & Honesty

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all our dealings with our principals, customers, employees and other parties with whom we interact.

We believe in complete transparency, and we communicate openly and honestly with our principals. We eagerly share all pertinent data and information with our partners.

Our communication within the company, with our principals, business partners, and others with whom we interact, is based upon an open and factual dialogue.

We follow both the letter and the spirit of our distributorship agreements and the contractual obligations that are stipulated therein. We obey laws, abstain from illegal practices and any actions that violate fair trade. Our employees have the obligation to seek guidance and advice whenever questionable legal or ethical issues arise. Individually, and as an organization we have the confidence and courage to ask for help.

We strive to fully understand our marketplace, our customers and our principals and their brands. We partner and enter into business relationships with organizations that share our philosophical platform and conduct business with a sense of honesty, fairness and trust.

Our managers and executives are expected to be role models and to exemplify the company’s Values & Principles. They have an open-door policy and are always approachable. Both internally within the company, and externally with principals, customers and other stakeholders, our managers and executives have a duty to constantly and proactively share information and thus avoid uncertainty and speculation. Concurrently, they also have a duty to maintain strict confidentiality of proprietary and confidential information.

We avoid conflicts of interest but will declare situations where they may occur.